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Panteria Coming Up!

  • May. 7th, 2010 at 10:45 AM
hollyannvixIt's been a while since anyone's posted to the community, I've been keeping pretty busy myself O.o

Anyways, if anyone's still keeping up with the community, I figured I would mention that a local SCA event is coming up for the Memorial Day weekend - Panteria!

It has changed locations for the first time in 15 years: it's not longer in central Vermont, but will be along the eastern part of VT, its new location is a Girl's Scout Camp in Thetford, VT.

The only disadantage I see right now, is that dogs are not allowed on the site, which is too bad, because our dog Bella has loved going to Panteria in the past and she'll be missed by many, I'm sure :( However, the good things about it, is that it has modern bathrooms, flushing toilets, hot showers, and the kitchens are big and clean, and from what I've heard, just an over-all nicer layout :) There's a choice of camping with your own tent, or you can rent a cabin if camping isn't your thing, and from what I hear, the lake is perfect for taking a swim, or even to dip your feet into :)

My husband and I are registered for the event already and we're looking forward to it! :) This year, we're not helping out with the feast, so we'll get the chance to relax, wander the site and see what there is going on. Personally, I plan on getting some shooting in at the archery range.

This is also an East Kingdom event where the King and Queen will be present. The King and Queen's Equestrian Championship is going to be held there as well, and while I've missed the equestrian events in the past Panterias, I'm hoping to catch it this year, finally :) There will also be Court, in which I know one of my scrolls will be presented as an award, but I'm not allowed to say more than that ;) I also believe that there's going to be an A&S competition too (I can't remember the actual title of it), I'm going to see if I can paint up a scroll and enter it. Never hurts to try, anyways :)

If you're interested in maybe coming to Panteria, or if you're not doing anything for the Memorial Day weekend and are looking to do something that might be in the area, I highly recommend Panteria :) This will be our 4th year attending, and we've always had fun there :) Our days usually consist of doing whatever activities that interest us (for me, it's archery and possibly the A&S competition), and if there's nothing to do, sometime I'll watch the fighting, and take pictures around the site. At night, there are many campfires with people gathered around them, telling stories, sharing various types of drink, and you can even watch the firedancers and firebreathers do some neat stuff. Feast is on Saturday for suppertime, and has ALWAYS been wonderful! Even if you show up for one day, Saturday is the best day to do this at.

There's not much information on the webpage concerning some things, but here's the webpage if you'd like to read more about it:


And if you'd like to see some photos of Panteria past, here's a few links to that:



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