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Now Chaplains as non combatants can not carry firearm or knifes (over 3"). However no one said I couldn't carry a quarterstaff.
Chaplain recalls his pole arm training and laughs.

Cross post from me to several groups

Market Day in Birka

  • Jan. 16th, 2008 at 12:18 PM
hollyannvixJust wanted to give a head's up in case there's people out there who haven't heard of Birka!

Birka's coming up on Jan. 25-26, and is held in Manchester, NH. Looks like they've got their Merchant's list up! Looks like to be a fun day of shopping!

Pikestaff Needs Some Artwork!

  • Jan. 10th, 2008 at 5:30 PM
hollyannvixCopied and pasted from a mailing list I'm on :)


Greetings to the talented East from Mastreas Shannon Gallowglass, your
humble Kingdom Chronicler:

It has been a wonderful year of surprises and discoveries of talent that
we have here in our fair kingdom. I'd like to thank all my artists that
have contributed to the look and success of the pages of the Pikestaff.

Now, I need your assistance once again for the coming year. If you have
an idea for a cover or theme for an issue...why not put it to paper?

If you have any questions or want to do something and need an idea,
please contact me contact me at chronicler@eastkingdom.org .

Please feel free to pass this request. I thank you for your attention.


Christmas/Yule Celebrations

  • Dec. 12th, 2007 at 11:18 AM
hollyannvixWell, with the year coming to a close, I was curious to see if anyone else's SCA groups are doing anything this Christmas season? :)

This Saturday, a small group of us is going to get dressed up in our garb, and we're going to go caroling on Church Street in downtown Burlington, VT (it's one of those streets that are cobblestone, with old-fashioned lampposts and no cars are allowed on the road, and people do their shopping there).

We're having our Yule Feast/Festival in January this time, seeing as it's going to be a busy time for all of us this year, it'll just be easier if we had it in January...which is good for me, because 1. I love going to the Yule Feast and 2. It'll be happening 2 days before my Birthday! =D What a way to celebrate my Birthday :)

So what are you guys doing in your SCA groups for the holidays? :)

Mimir's Well Report!

  • Oct. 20th, 2007 at 10:26 PM
hollyannvixWow! My first SCA Collegium and it went soooo nice! =D

We actually left a little late and by the time we got to the school in Warren, it was 10am, and I was worried that the classes had started without me but it turned out that classes were running a little late, so all's good!

I forgot to bring my string with me for the tokens, but luckily, some people managed to find some string, and soon, people were wearing my little kelpie tokens all over the place! =D

Trinsic was pretty much in the cafeteria the entire time, preparing food with a couple helpers, while I headed up to the Scribal Arts room. Started out with Beginning Illumination, which was VERY imformative and the teachers there gave us hand-outs, which was absolutely WONDERFUL of them to do! I was kinda worried that I had brought a pen with me but no paper to take notes...but with the hand-outs, it made it so much easier :) And it was awesome to be able to talk to scribes and see their work in person and all :) After that was a class in Illumination details, which was really cool too =D

After that class, it was time for lunch...which is good cuz I didn't have breakfast today O.o; Soooooooo much food! Sooooooooo GOOD food! Wow! There was the cheese tarts, wafers and buckwheat buns that Trinsic made, and the apple fritters I made, as well as a wide variety of all kinds of foods! Ham, sweet Italian sausages, sour pickled mustard eggs, hard boiled eggs, bread, honey-butter, a wide variety of cheeses, short bread...that's probably just scratching the surface, because I can't even remember it all! I tried a little bit of everything and it was ALL good!! I've never tried pickled eggs before, but these were AWESOME. Normally, I don't like mustard and vinegar doesn't agree with me (not to mention I really don't like vinegar, period), but these were soooooo good! Wow! A very mild sour. Something that I could actually eat and handle :) Everyone went away with full tummies :)

After lunch, I headed back up to the Scribal Arts room, for three more classes: How to draw Celtic Knotwork, Calligraphy, and Gilding for Scrolls. The knotwork was kinda hard, but near the end of the class, I think I pretty much got the hang of the technique...but I'll probably have to do a few of them to get the hang of it ;) Calligraphy was fun! I hadn't done calligraphy since Jr. High, and I hadn't used a dip-pen since high school. Instead of dipping the pen into the ink though, we used an eye dropper to put the ink onto the right part of the nib and then just goofing around with the calligraphy pen. I did some basic stuff that I remember doing back in Jr. High, so I asked the teacher if I could try a certain type of calligraphy, so I gave some Gothic style a try. It was really fun :) After that, it was the Gilding class. While it was fun and informative, I don't think Gilding might be for me O.o; Working with 24k Gold Leaf was kinda hard. It was very flimsy and...it kept blowing away on me! XD And when I tried to get it back, it stuck to EVERYTHING! The tweezers, the brush, the desk, my fingers! I think it's something that would be for people with a lot more patience then I have...I might just stick to gold paint. But it was still fun to give it a try! =D

When that class ended, I headed back down to the cafeteria that still had food out, so I munched a little more and hung out and chatted with people. In the meantime, there was meeting going on, something about wanting to make a Principality in the northern regions of Vermont, NY state, New Hampshire and Maine. I don't know all the full details yet, as I've got a very foggy head right now, but Trinsic picked up a paper that explained all about it, so I'll read about it later.

After the meeting ended, everyone gathered into the cafe again where sweet treats were being served, and a raffle was made for the runes that Marieke made, and shortly afterwards, everyone started to clean up and bag up food to bring home with them. I rolled up my sleeves and washed the dishes and I soon had help with it after a while :) Once the dishes were done, we packed up and headed out.

We didn't get back till 9pm (it was nearly a 2 hour drive!) But there was something was going on in Grand Isle...Dunno what was going on, but there was all kinds of flashy lights going on, and a fireman came up and told us the road was blocked off and we had to take a detour O.o Guess I'll have to keep an eye out somewhere for what happened there...

But anyways, all-in-all, it was a FUN time! =D Seriously, I can't wait for next year :) Despite getting exhausted from all the cooking...sore, tired feet and back from constantly standing to work on my tokens...everything. It was worth it! :) And if anyone can make it next year, I highly recommend it! :)

Mimir's Well!!

  • Oct. 19th, 2007 at 9:59 AM
hollyannvixTomorrow is our Collegium, called Mimir's Well!

If you'd like to know more about it and maybe want to come down to see it for the day, take classes (and there's LOTS of cool classes! They have a schedule up with a list of all the classes that they'll have there!) and eat yummy SCA period food, then check out their web page!

It's being held in Warren, VT.


GORGEOUS Scroll Illuminations!

  • Sep. 6th, 2007 at 9:27 AM
hollyannvixAnyone who knows me (even a little bit) knows that I reall want to get into scroll Illuminations in the SCA. And after viewing nearly 300 scrolls in JUST the East Kingdom Gallery (whether or not they have galleries of Illumination work in the other Kingdoms, I don't know...) it makes me want to do this even more :)

This place has some jaw-dropping-GORGEOUS stuff there! As I mentioned to one lady in my shire, "I'm wiping the drool from my keyboard because they're so beautiful and I really want to learn how to make beatiful scrollwork like this!" So true :)


Definately worth the browse :)

More Renfest pics

  • Sep. 3rd, 2007 at 10:50 AM
More Renfest pics http://s63.photobucket.com/albums/h136/KikenSeishin/Renfest%202007/
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Temporary Insanity?

  • Aug. 28th, 2007 at 9:31 AM
hollyannvixIs it insane for me to have serious thoughts about wanting to cook the Yule Feast this year? O.o

The Fur Meet

  • Aug. 27th, 2007 at 7:05 AM
The fur meet my mate and I hosted this past weekend was not a huge success, but it was damn fun. There was only 5 of us who participated, and it rained Friday night. djeinst (from CT) and gogojihadsj (from NY) showed up. There was suppose to be one more, but school got in the way.
Friday we all went out to dinner at the Great Wall Buffet, bought a 61inch HD television, went out to the mall with kveldulfb, and played a little at the playground until it started rain. That was a bummer. Playing at the playground was my favorite part of the meet. Saturday we hung went out to Ponderosa with kveldulfb for lunch, and came back and watched a movie on the big screen. Then we took a group pic and said our goodbyes.
I'm hoping to through another meet together soon.
Plus hoping to have a fur Halloween party and possibly go to FF this year.

See you out there......