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Are you in the furry fandom? Are you in the SCA? Then this is a place for you! Whether you're part of the East Kingdom, or all the way around the world and part of the Kingdom of Lochac, as well as being active in the furry fandom (be it a fan, an artist, whatever!) this place is for furs in the SCA to join, meet each other, as well as let others know about goings-on in your particular area.

Rules are pretty simple...

1. Introduce yourself, your furry name as well as your SCA name, let us know what Kingdom you're from as well your shire/barony, etc etc. Who knows? Maybe you might meet another here who's from the same area!

2. You're more than welcomed to post advertisements about Events going on in your area. Again, you might find another who's in you area and isn't aware that there's an event going on!

3. If you're into some kind of crafting or artistic thing in the SCA, be it metal-working, scroll illuminations, whatever, you're welcomed to post your work here, but please be kind to others who might be still on Dial-up: Please post your pictures under an LJ cut! Some of us are also cooks, so feel free to share your recipes too!

4. Be nice! Welcome people, especially those who are new to the SCA or those who are curious about joining the SCA. No trolls! Trolls will be fed to the dragons...with ketchup!

I'm your moderator, hollyannvix, aka Lisabetta delle Medalliole of the Mountain Freehold, East Kingdom. If you've got any questions or concerns, please let me know!